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As a socially responsible employer, judi rolet online is compliant with requirements of local labour laws and ensures adequate measures are in place to protect the safety and well-being of its people. We are committed to adhering to internationally recognised standards in our social compliance practices, which are the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) standards. Since January 2019, we have attended to more than 100 international external audits at judi rolet online’s factories. We will continue to level up our initiatives in this area to be in line with best practices. More detailed information on our stand can be found on judi rolet online’s Human Rights and Ethical which it is reviewed from time to time on its effectiveness.

1. The Right Wage

judi rolet online fully complies with the national laws on minimum wage policy, while overtime pay is calculated based on local labour laws.


We bear all recruitment-related fees guided by the Zero Cost Recruitment Policy launched in Jan 2019 and made remediation payment to all foreign workers, that has paid recruitment fee to agents.

3. Of Age Employees

Guided by the local laws, persons under age of 18 will not be employed full time in departments that deal directly with hazardous chemicals.

4. Enhanced Security

We are one of few private companies with our own auxiliary police, responsible for the security of our people and premises.

5. No Forced and Bonded Labour

We absolutely do not use forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labour.

6. No confiscation of passports

We do not confiscate workers’ passports. Workers have full custody of their passports.

7. Zero Discrimination

We treat our people with dignity & have zero-tolerance for all forms of workplace discrimination & harassment.

8. No forced Overtime

We do not force workers to work overtime. All overtime is complied with labour laws and done solely based on voluntary basis.

9. Improved accommodation

We are committed to ensure our accommodation is well-equipped with amenities, facilities and in compliance with the regulatory requirements. View our accommodation improvement plan here.


Employees are assured of decent living conditions & safe workplace, amidst a culture which focuses on good health.


We practice transparent and fair tender process to safeguard our workers benefits. Please view our Tender Notice for Recruitment of Foreign Worker Services here.

1. Due diligence

Due diligence on all our recruitment agents to ensure ethical manners during recruitment process.
betting tipsEngagement of independent 3rd party auditor to audit our social compliance.

3. Whistleblowing Policy

The Whistleblowing Policy enable employees and any stakeholders to report misconduct/ wrongdoings to independent external service provider as Whistleblowing case receiver. Click HERE for further information.

4. Multiple grievance channels

Various grievance channels are made accessible including independent grievance helplines in various native languages enable employees to raise grievance confidentially

5. Human rights & Safety training

Training to employees on social compliance, which include safety, harassment, bullying policies & grievance channels to workers, supervisors and management.

6. Supplier town hall

Town hall sessions with suppliers to emphasize social compliance’s expectation, followed by audit.

7. Social Sustainability Committee (SSC)

SSC to implement, monitor and review effectiveness of various measures on social compliance.

8. Management responsibility

In addition to formal disciplinary action, the Company also practices a merit and demerit system where instances of compliances are rewarded and instances of minor non-compliance addressed.

9. Executive Compensation

Management incentive/ executive compensation linked to social compliance performance

10. Hostel Management Committee

The Committee consists of all the Head of Factories, Joint Manufacturing Committee, Social Compliance team and Hostel Management team manage workers’ accommodation

11. Responsible for non-compliance

All alleged non-compliance behaviour and incidents will be thoroughly investigated by HR upon receipt of such complaints via channels such as grievance, whistleblowing etc. HR will conduct an inquiry into the complaint. Employees who are found guilty of such alleged non-compliance after such investigation will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Company, regardless of their grade and standing.